Had to find an old image for an MUA I worked with and found it funny how different my black x white images are. I’m a shape shifter.

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The Myth of Androgyny

© 2012 Yesenia Bocanegra, George Liao, ACP,

© 2012 Yesenia Bocanegra, George Liao

I have little boy face syndrome…

I have little boy face syndrome…

Mermaid themed cult party inspired outfit for jpop summit last weekend. Used all my scale print things~ Felt like a mermaid magical girl!

My mermaid, kind of cult party kei outfit for jpop summit (felt like a magical girl).

More images to come~

A message from Anonymous
Hi! I think I remember you being a model at J-Pop summit fashion show in SF and wanted to ask you about it! I was thinking about applying and wanted to know what kind of photos to send in the application, the form didn't really specify what to wear in the head-to-toe shot or how much makeup is appropriate for the headshot. I also don't have any previous modeling experience, will I still have a chance to be picked? Thank you!! :))

Hello! You are probably remembering me from the Babytssb contest and not the fashion show. I’m well over the height requirement (5’4” I think) for the j-pop fashion show, and even though I submitted anyway, I was not picked for last years show.

Buuuut I have modeled professionally, and still do on occasion, and I can say you should always send a clean head shot with minimal makeup (LIGHT foundation, mascara ok but not much more) and showing your real hair, as well as a basic picture of you in form fitting pants and a tank top against a wall. Those images you show as a blank canvas so they can see how you can be dressed up and what clothing suits your body type. I was picked for PMX’s JetJ fashion show (didn’t end up being able to go so I had to turn it down) and for that I sent in the two basic images as well as a favorite picture in lolita since I thought it showed that I would suit the style. For this I think you should do the same with a j-fashion image. Don’t send more then three pictures but one extra wont hurt.

I think you have high chances of being picked because not many locals meet not only the small measurements but also the short height required for this event. As far as experience no, you don’t need any, just be calm and friendly. A girl who follows directions is a good model XD

Good luck!

*I attached what I sent to PMX and got me picked by JetJ. This picture was taken by my bf in my liveing room. Nothing fancy.


Its time kids! The Maroonsparrow “thank you” (for being super cool people and following me for some reason) give away!

Just a small give away of things I like to show that I think you guys are cool cats.

Pack A:

>New two tone brown x plum bob wig from l-email with wig cap

>New cult party kei style cherry hair clip

>New gal hair tie

>New sparkly false eyelashes

Pack B is my more gender neutral pack for peps that aren’t into girly things.

Pack B:

>New Attack on Titan manga #1

>New Link plushie

>New strawberry shaped tea infuser


The Rules are simple, the first winner gets to pick the pack they want and second place gets the other one. NO give away blogs, NO spamming your followers. ONE point for each of the things you do bellow. I will ship world wide. Give away ends August 20th.

***If you don’t respond within 48 hours of being contacted a new winner will be selected.

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Please comment on one of these places to let me know which you have done. I will check!

My Irish boy game is too strong!

My Irish boy game is too strong!