Magic Knight Rayearth

Umi- Shannon

Hikaru- Sophia Maroonsparrow

Magic Knight Rayearth goddess group for Japan Expo USA.

Hikaru made/cosplayer- Sophia Maroonsparrow

Fuu made/cosplayer- Jobi

Umi made/cosplayer- Shannon

Outfits from Saterday at Japan Expo USA.

First outfit is all items from Miss Harajuku Second Hand shop, for the j-fashion show.

Second outfit is Krad Lanrete and the rest offbrand.


❁Coords from the Japan Expo Fashion Show❁

We presented a mix of gothic, sweet, and classic lolita, plus otome kei! ♥

Brands featured are: (left to right, top row first) Alice and the Pirates, Angelic Pretty, Mary Magdalene, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Emily Temple Cute, and Putumayo.


Japan Expo USA 2013 Sunday

Sailor Neptune cosplay- Maroonsparrow

Photo Credit: Jessica T

Can’t wait for Japan Expo USA second impact this weekend! Last year was so fun!!

Two of my friends and I are big Rayearth fans and whipped together a really quick group for Japan Expo. I made my costume in a day so its not 100% accurate but I look foreword to wearing it. We just wanted something simple to wear that was quick and fun.

Here are some progress pictures. The dress shape will be different once the jewelry is pinned on and the jewelry still needs shading.

Hikaru from Magic Knight Rayearth- Sophia Alexandra

Got a trim and cleaned up my grown out bowl cut!

Got a trim and cleaned up my grown out bowl cut!